Converting to be an annual customer

Converting to be an annual customer

Converting to be an annual customer.

This feature is only available for instances hosted on AWS.

Upgrading to an annual subscription confers many benefits on the user, including savings over the hourly rate and Matillion ETL availability on all AWS regions.

Note: Annual subscriptions work similar to "Reserved Instances" work in Amazon EC2 and other AWS Services. when an Annual Subscription is purchased it will reduce to 0 the price of *any* instance that is running of the same type and region. Additional instances will not be covered by the annual subscription and will be paid at the standard hourly rate. For full information on AWS Annual Subscriptions, visit the Amazon AWS documentation

To upgrade your hourly subscription to an annual model, first browse to the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. From the AWS Marketplace site, browse to your software page by clicking on your account name at the top-right of the page and clicking 'Your Marketplace Software'.

In the list of your current subscribed software, find Matillion ETL. Click the 'Buy Annual Subscription' button.

You will be redirected to the subscription page for Matillion ETL. 

Note: No changes on this page will be active until you confirm with the yellow Buy Annual Subscription on the Launch on EC2 page.

The new page will inform you that you are already subscribed to the software.Click Continue to Configuration.

Click View Options at the bottom of the page.

Warning: The instance type cannot be changed after an annual subscription is purchased, please take care with your selections. For information on different instance sizes, see here. For further help, please Contact Support.

The amount payable is automatically updated at the bottom right of the menu. This price will change according to the number of subscriptions and the selected instance type.

Clicking Add and then Purchase to the right-hand side will replace your hourly subscription with the annual model.

There is no need to separately deactivate the hourly subscription. Furthermore, your instances are automatically updated and do not require restarting.

Upon returning to your Software Subscriptions page and you will see that you have a manual subscription pending which confirms the successful annual subscription to Matillion ETL.

When the annual subscription eventually expires, your subscription will automatically revert to an hourly rate and this process can be repeated to renew the annual subscription.

For any further inquiries or problems with upgrading to an annual subscription, please contact Contact Support.