Matillion ETL for BigQuery Release Notes

Matillion ETL for BigQuery Release Notes

Attention: If you started your Matillion ETL instance at 1.42.x or earlier and have manually upgraded the Tomcat package to a newer version than 8.5.42 please be aware that upgrading may cause problems.If your Tomcat version has not been changed this should not affect you, although we would still recommend starting a new instance from the Marketplace to ensure no future upgrade issues.

We highly recommend reading the Updating Matillion ETL article for the safest way to update your instance. Do not hesitate to contact Matillion support for assistance in this matter


Matillion ETL for BigQuery v1.46

New Components

  • New Zendesk Talk Query component allows users to bring their Zendesk Talk data into a table.
  • New Salesforce Output component allows users to push data from their data warehouse to a Salesforce Object of their choice.
  • New MindSphere Extract component allows users to pull data from their MindSphere account into a table.
  • New “Assert” components can be used to test an existing object (Table, External Table, Scalar Variable or View) against user-defined criteria. This allows users to prevent jobs continuing if resources are not in their expected state.

New Features

  • New Recycle Bin feature gives users the opportunity to recover any deleted jobs before committing to delete them completely.
  • Additional Data Sources added to the Zuora Query component
    • Revenue Schedule
    • Revenue Event
    • Revenue Event Item
    • Revenue Event Item Invoice Item
    • Revenue Event Item Invoice Item Adjustment
    • Revenue Charge Summary Item
    • Revenue Charge Summary


  • Reworked Component panel organization gives an alphabetized list of all connector components.
  • Connectors that only import data into external tables have been renamed as “Extract” components.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.44.14

  • Updated Google Ad Manager Query component from API v201905 to API v201908, anticipating the deprecation of v201905 in June 2020. Users can override this version change using the "Version" connection option with a value of "v201905".


Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.44.13

  • Fixed an issue where Shared Jobs are not correctly running concurrent connections and transformation jobs.


Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.44.11


  • Users experiencing issues pulling Ticket_Metrics columns in the Zendesk Query component while using a custom RSD config can see this article for potential solutions.

New Features

  • Project Admin assignment option added to External Security users.
  • Added new data sources for Zendesk Query component: group_memberships, groups, satisfaction_ratings, sla_policies, tags, ticket_audits, ticket_comments, ticket_fields, ticket_forms, ticket_metrics_events_incremental.


  • Fixed an issue where Zendesk Query component was bringing in erroneously-empty date fields.
  • Fixed an issue where Twitter Query component was attempting to use an outdated version of the AdStats data source.
  • Fixed "Error parsing int value [null]" error from Google Ad Manager Query component.
  • Non-functional 'FromFriendlyName' columns have been removed from Gmail Query component data sources.


Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.44.9


  • Fixed 'black screen' error caused by XSS filter being enabled by default.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.44.8

New Features

  • Job Start Control allows you to ‘prevent duplicate job’ runs by selecting the option in the scheduler. When selected this allows users to specify that a scheduled job run should not be start if that same job from a previous schedule is still running, preventing duplicates from stacking up in the queue.
  • Box and Dropbox source options added to Data Transfer Component, allowing users to move their stored files between cloud services.

New Components

  • Amplitude connector allows users to connect to their Amplitude account and load their data into external tables.
  • Box connector allows users to collect data regarding their stored files and load it into external tables.
  • Dropbox connector allows users to collect data regarding their stored files and load it into external tables.


  • Add New Data Sources added to the Google Analytics Query component allows users a way of adding users a way of adding new tables to the "Data Sources" property without the need to deal with custom schemas.
  • Git Credentials can now be stored so users don’t need to re-enter credentials every time they want to fetch or push a branch.
  • Project Admin option now added to users defined in Internal Security that allows these users to see and access all projects regardless of the project privacy settings.


Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.42.11

  • Upgrade: Added OAuth 2.0 support for Xero component (OAuth 1.0 now deprecated)
  • Upgrade: Updated Xero Driver
  • Fix: Customer seeing Database Query validation errors after updating from 1.39.8 to 1.42.x

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.42.10

  • Upgraded BigQuery driver to v19
  • Fix: SQS Queue erroneously disconnecting
  • Fix: postgreS error: "could not open relation with OID"


Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.42.8

  • Fixed various issues and bugs including:
    • Google OAuth creation to failing.
    • Query To Grid component would sometimes use the wrong database name in advance mode.


Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.42

New Features  New Components   Improvements  

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.41.8

  • Fixed an issue where Git Push to remote repository fails citing an 'Invalid Private Key'.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.41.5

  • Fixed an error where users would exceed the API limit when loading data into tables on BigQuery.
  • Increased possible Column Name lengths for Grid Variable mappings.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.41

New Components

New Features
  • Data Lineage allows you to understand the effect that your complex transformation jobs will have on your data. Track a column backwards to its source to determine where and how calculations are applied. (Enterprise Feature).

  • Components
  • Additional Improvements
    • The Shared Jobs now allows creators to mark parameters as ‘required’ so users of the job must provide input for these parameters.
    • Added support to various components for “Numeric” data types.
    • Increased support for components returning the Row Count export variable.
    • LDAP Configuration (External Security) now can be tested before confirming config. 
    • Recursive Validation means that jobs linked to others via Run Orchestration and Run Transformation will be validated alongside their parent job.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.40.11

  • Twitter driver upgraded to support Ads API v5
  • DoubleClick For Publishers (Google Ads Manager) driver upgraded to support API v201811 and later.
  • Windows Fileshare SMB2/3 Support for Data Transfer component and File Iterator component .
  • SAP Netweaver Query - update to the location of additional files including a "JCo" connection library and the Java wrapper "sapjco3.jar".
  • Fixed an issue where SAP Netweaver Query component was not correctly finding associated libraries.
  • Fixed an issue where Hubspot OAuth registration link would fail.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.40 (Features Video)

New Components

New Features
  • Git functionality allows users to work with local and remote repositories, managing Project Versions as commits and branches seamlessly inside the Matillion ETL client. (Enterprise Only)
  • Support for Structured Data 
    • Aggregate component now has Array Agg functionality.
    • Create Table and Create External Table can not be configured to accept nested data.
  • User Interface
    • Changes to error and validation messaging in product.
    • Improve plus(+) sign and grid visibility.
    • UI Refresh - Tabs with no component selected.
    • Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl +A for single-line text input fields.
    • Order the Component Tree.
    • Add Manage Variables button in Code Editors.
    • Filter added to Sample Tab.
    • Simple JSON or XML parser for Configure API Profile Dialog.
    • All sorting of Project versions in Manage Versions.
  • Components
    • Add Nested Data To Sample Grid, Metadata Panel, and Environment Tree.
    • Add more JDBC Table Metadata To Grid Fields.
    • GCS Load Generator - Parity with GCS Load.
    • Dynamics CRM Query component now supports CRM2011accesible from CRM Version dropdown.
    • JDBC Incremental Load - Prepopulate URL Field with Connection Prefix.
    • The API Profile Generator component is now able to find files in the current directory the user is in, rather than specifying the whole path of the file.
  • Additional Improvements
    • BigQuery Read Timeout allows users to set custom timeouts for all BigQuery operations.
    • Remove row count from
    • AMIs upgraded to Python 3.6.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.39 (Features Video)


​Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.38.8


Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.38 (Features Video)

  • Product Improvement Metrics can now be gathered within Matillion ETL. When you update your instance of Matillion ETL for BigQuery you will be prompted to share anonymized Product Improvement Metrics data. Matillion will use this information to build you a better product. Absolutely no personal data is collected through this service.
  • Create Project now has a multi-step wizard configuration complete with tooltips to help guide users through creating a Matillion ETL Project.
  • Configuring Environments now uses a multi-step wizard configuration complete with tooltips to help guide users through creating and editing Environments.
  • Reintroducing a dialog option that allows “Text Mode” configuration of Variables (namely, Manage Environment Variables and Manage Job Variables). Use the Text Mode to  enter or copy variables data in a plain text format.
  • A new Sharepoint Query component allows users to connect to their Sharepoint account.
  • ​The new Zuora Bulk Query component allows users to connect to their Zuora account via the AQuA API to bring data into Bigquery and transform it using Matillion ETL.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.37

Note: The Data Transfer component is now the preferred way to move files/objects between storage providers. Existing components such as S3 Get/Put, GCS Get will continue to work in existing jobs, but new jobs should use Data Transfer.

  • New Data Loading orchestration components:
  • All Data Loading orchestration components can now display data directly sampled from their source, allowing users to easily check their current configuration.
  • All Data Loading orchestration components can now display the SQL generated by the component.
  • The new Salesforce Incremental Load Wizard allows users to quickly and easily create incremental loads from a variety of popular database types.
  • A new Migration Tool can help move any number of Matillion ETL assets directly from one Matillion ETL instance to another.
    Note: The preferred (and safest) way to upgrade is now to launch a new copy of Matillion ETL running the latest version, use the Migration Tool to move and validate the new version, before deleting the existing instance. In-place upgrade may be removed in future versions.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.36

  • A selection of new components to connect to various services:
  • ORC and PARQUET file formats now supported in Cloud Storage Load.
  • Selected Environments are now user-specific. Users can now specify their environments independently of one another.
  • Many UX improvements including automatically connecting components on the canvas, improved variables workflow and new keyboard shortcuts.
  • Users can now freely copy, cut, and paste jobs within a project.
  • Autocompletion prompts now appear in many places when using Matillion ETL variables in code.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.35

  • New “Data Transfer” Component that boasts all the functionality of the existing S3 Get, S3 Put and Cloud Storage Put components, plus additional source and target destinations (Azure Blob Storage).
  • In addition to AWS and GCP credentials, environments can now reference Azure credentials to interact with Azure services such as Blob Storage.
  • A new “Apache Hive Query” component connects to your Apache Hive data warehouse.
  • A new “LinkedIn Query” component connects to your company’s LinkedIn apps.
  • A new “Bing Search Query” component connects to the Bing Search API.
  • A new “Bing Ads Query” component connects to the Bing Ads service.
  • A new “Dynamics 365 Sales Query” component connects to the Dynamics 365
  • Allow uploading the native Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver (the bundled jTDS driver is often the fastest in scenarios where it works)
  • New ‘Extract To New Job’ function available by right-clicking a selection of multiple components on the canvas. Allows users to instantly create new jobs from a group of components, tidying up workflows and helping to create reusable jobs.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.34.5

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.34

Important Notice: On upgrade, a background task will restructure the task history. During this time not all historic tasks will be available to view in the UI or API. The process only takes a few minutes in the general case but can take several hours if you have millions of run history items. This will require additional disk space so ensure you have at least 50% free space before attempting the upgrade.

  • Shared Jobs:
    • You can now turn your reusable orchestration jobs into their own components with their own parameters, help and Icon.
    • Shared jobs can be packaged and distributed across multiple ETL instances with Import and Export.
  • Historic Task Viewer:
    • Previously completed tasks can be viewed on the canvas along with any parameter errors.
    • You can understand the canvas state of a job and also see the jobs contained in a Shared Job.
  • An “Unconditional” connector:
    • Its now simpler to build orchestrations where the next orchestration step is run regardless of the success or failure of the prior step. This avoids use of extra “and” and “or” components  to achieve the same thing.
  • Auto Debug” for all Data Loading components:
    • Data Loaders come with the Auto Debug property. When switched on, allows users to choose between 5 levels of Debug Logging verbosity.
    • ​Makes it easier to retrieve logging information without console access to the Matillion ETL Instance. Include these logs in your support requests for much faster turnaround!
    • Warning: Can potentially consume large amounts of disk space. Do not leave this switched on unless directly in need of it! 
  • It is now possible to import, export and modify permissions via the API.
  • Password and secrets used in orchestrations and elsewhere can now be encrypted using Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)
  • BigQuery no longer creates temporary views during validation.
  • The SQL Script component now supports multiple queries.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.33.10

  • Hot fixes for Salesforce OOM

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.33

Important: Queries using the Advanced Mode of the Google BigQuery Query Component will pass the SQL directly to BigQuery without any interpretation. If this causes any problem, please set the Connection Option 'Query Passthrough' to FALSE

Important: Users with the API role bypass some permissions checks (reads) during API calls.

  • Open Exchange Rates Query component connects to the Grid Iterator allow iterating the values of a Grid Variable, similarly to iterating through a table of values.
  • SQL Editor (in all Query components) now shows available Tables/Columns and Variables to help you author and test SQL queries from source systems.
  • A new “Notices” V1 API endpoint allows you to query the current system notifications and post new messages which notify all users.
  • New “User Configuration” and "Permission" V1 API endpoints allow user management via the Matillion API.
  • Job Variables (scalar and grid) now have a “Visibility” that determines how they are used elsewhere.
  • All variables now have a description.
  • 100+ bug fixes across all areas of Matillion ETL.
  • Trigger the execution of Orchestrations jobs via Queue Listener feature

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.32.6

IMPORTANT: Ensure you have a backup efore you upgrade. Security configuration changes are applied on upgrade. These changes cannot be reversed.

  • Enterprise Only: This version of Matillion introduces a new Permissions system that allows users to:

    • Setup users with fine grained permission sets that can limit the 100+ core functions of the tool.
    • Provides default permission groups:
      • Reader - Read only user who can’t modify a project.
      • Reader with Comments - Reader with ability to add notes to jobs.
      • Runner - A user how and execute but not modify jobs.
      • Scheduler - A user who can execute, schedule and change related config.
      • Writer - A user who can create ETL jobs but not delete projects.
    • Additional permission groups can be added at any time and are organised hierarchically making them easy to set up.
  • A new suite of Grid Variable components are now included to make populating and manipulating them simpler - often without requiring any scripting:
  • A new “SendGrid Query” component connects to the ElasticSearch Query” component to connect to the Magento Query” component to connect to the Zuora Query” component to connect to the GMail Query” component to connect to Google’s email service.
  • A new “Run Now” action has been added when defining a schedule.
  • Double-clicking a component on the canvas now opens the components “default” editor, if it has one. For example, double-clicking a Bash Script component will begin editing the script.
  • Internal User: When using the “internal” security option tomcat user passwords are now hashed when stored on disk.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.31

Important (possible breaking change): API Profiles ("RSD’s") that handle paging may need to be tweaked to disable “auto” paging. Please see here for more details.

Important (possible breaking change): API profile limits are now applied. Where the default of 100 is set it will now be applied. This could affect API Query Components which previously ignored that limit.

  • Zendesk Query orchestration component for loading data from the Mixpanel Query orchestration component for loading data from Xero Query orchestration component for loading data from the Dynamics 365 Query orchestration component for loading data from API Profile RSD Generator
    • Accelerate the development of API Profiles using a new tool that automatically generates a basic XML “RSD descriptor” for any API endpoint, based on a sample of data returned.
  • REST API Version 1 - Matillion ETL now has full API coverage:-
    • You can now read/write more assets (JDBC Drivers, credentials, SQS configuration) as well as allowing finer-control of which resources to include.
    • A map of the v1 API is available here.
    • The “v0” api is still available and unchanged.
  • Grid Variables System
    • In addition to “scalar” (single-valued) variables, you can now define grid variables to hold lists and grids of values; use them wherever a compatible list or grid of values is required.
    • Grid variables can be manipulated/modified in Python. 
    • You can pass values for grid variables when starting a job via SQS and/or the V1 API.
  • You can now disable parts of an Orchestration job.
  • Improved Matching in column mappings - Many transformation component “Column Mapping” parameters can now be automatically mapped, even when the input and output column names are similar but not identical.
  • A new SQL Script component allows you to run your own SQL scripts.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.30.6

  • New Cloud Pub/Sub component can send messages to PubSub during job runs.
  • New Cloud Storage Load Generator can inspect files on Cloud Storage and generate Create Table / Cloud Storage Load components.
  • Redesigned ""Task Info" panel and "Task" panel make it much easier to understand complex tasks both at run time and after job execution.
  • Matillion variables can be defined and scoped at job level making jobs much more reusable. Variables can now be passed to and returned from jobs.
  • New Quickbooks Online Query component to connect to the popular online accounting system.
  • New Square Query component to connect to the payment system.
  • New Google Custom Search component allows google search data to be ingested.
  • All data-staging components can append rows to an existing table as well as creating new tables.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.29.9

  • New ServiceNow Query component loads data from Servicenow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) platform.
  • New YouTube Analytics component can query data from the YouTube Analytics API.
  • All query components now allow you to override the output table so you can specify an existing table to load or append to.
  • Excel Query can now load files from Google Cloud Storage, as well as Amazon S3
    • You only see S3 and/or GCS when you have credentials in the environment, otherwise they are hidden.
  • New option to drop a schema from the Environment Tree.
  • Specify a region in S3 Unload
  • S3 / Google Cloud Storage file browser enhancements
  • Set advanced connection options during OAuth flow (e.g. to connect to a Salesforce Sandbox)
  • Warning: Manage Backups and View Audit haven't been removed, they have been moved to the Admin menu
  • Map Values component

IMPORTANT Upgrade Notes: All data-staging components now create a target table with a wider range of target data types. Mostly this will be transparent, however this may have an impact on downstream logic so please test jobs after upgrade.

Matillion ETL for BigQuery 1.28.7

  • Improvements to Partitioned Tables support.
  • You can create external tables over Google Drive files and Google Sheets.
  • New Table Update component can update existing table in a transformation flow without rewriting all data.
  • New iteration component Table Iterator allows you to iterate over an existing BQ dataset.
  • Added support for Python scripts (Jython, Python2 and Python3) as part of Orchestration flows.
  • New Except and Intersect Transformation components to compliment the Unite (Union) component.
  • Enterprise Features
    • Automatic Job Documentation. Matillion ETL can automatically generate documentation for your ETL process, this tool will recursively search all your jobs and include all job detail including linked notes and descriptions.
    • Auditing of User Actions with searchable Audit Log provides fine grained audit of every change to an ETL process.
  • Database Query now supports IBM Netezza data warehouses via JDBC.
  • All transformation components support multiple outputs.
    • Separate Replicate component not required.
  • A new Admin Menu allows administrators to:
    • Access the server log.
    • Apply updates to the Matillion server without using the command line.
    • Add, remove and configure users (using either an internal user database or external directory server).
    • Configure SSL.