API v1 - Queue

API v1 - Queue

This article is part of a series on the v1 API.


Queues are typically configured using the Manage SQS Configuration Manage Pub/Sub Configuration menu inside the Matillion ETL client. The SQS Configuration is, however, accessible to test, import and export using the v1 API.

Getting Metadata for Queue Endpoint

curl -X GET -o queue.json -u user:password http://<InstanceAddress>/rest/v1/queue/

Testing Queue setup

The current Queue configuration of an instance can be tested via the v1 API. This is identical in function to clicking the 'Test' button in the Manage SQS Configuration Manage Pub/Sub Configuration menu in the client.

curl -X GET -o queue.json -u user:password http://<InstanceAddress>/rest/v1/queue/test

Export Queue Configuration

When an instance has its Queue configured, you can export this configuration into a JSON file either for the sake of backing up or to copy it into another instance via and import.

curl -X GET -o queue.json -u user:password http://<InstanceAddress>/rest/v1/queue/export

Import Queue Configuration

The Queue configuration in the Matillion ETL instance can be imported from a suitable JSON. Usually this would mean exporting the configuration from one instance and then importing into another. Manually editing the JSON is possible but not recommended.

cURL POST -u user:password  http://<InstanceAddress>/rest/v1/queue/import -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary @queue.json