API v1 - Audit

API v1 - Audit

The Audit endpoint is of singular function usable only by users running an Enterprise Edition Matillion ETL instance. Your Audit Log can be downloaded using the API via:
curl -X GET -o output.json -u username:password http://<InstanceAddress>/rest/v1/audit/export

The Audit Log will be downloaded as JSON where each entry shows a significant action within a Matillion Instance. Most actions by users are logged here in detail such that they are accountable for any changes made.

ID: The ID of the audited action.

Specifier: A hierarchical path to the point of action. For example: If a user changes a component parameter, the specifier will give the parameter change, the component, the job, the version and the project that it belongs to. Thus, the specifier can give a direct path to recreate the change the user enacted.

Command Type: A quick reference for the type of action performed. Command Types are named in a self-explanatory matter. For example, deleting a job yields the Command Type 'DeleteJobs' and creating an orchestration component yields 'CreateOrchestrationComponent'.

User: The name of the user than enacted this change.

Timestamp: The time (based on the server's timezone) that the change occurred.